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Bianfeng Machinery Group Co., LTD (Former Shanghai Bianfeng Pump Manufacturing Co., LTD) found in 1990, is a professional manufacturer engaged in design, production and sales of diaphragm pumps in China.

GODO brand QBY3 series air diaphragm pump driven by compressed air, is widely used in pumping corrosive, high viscosity, volatile, flammable and toxic fluid. With features of self-priming, anti-explosion, low shearing and idling capability, pump’s max flow rate can reach 60 cubic meter per hour with max 5 meters suction height and 70 meters head of delivery. They are widely used in environmental protection, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, painting, mining and paper making related industries due to excellent features. Besides, we can also supply DBY3 series electric diaphragm pump and magnetic pump suitable for different applications.

Now the company to build a comprehensive third-generation Godo licensing pneumatic diaphragm pump (QBY3) series, well-designed, have no seal, explosion-proof, low shear, easy maintenance, allowing idling, portable, self-priming startup, material selection, etc. In the process of upgrading and developing products, the wingman is the target of "making each project (customer) become the model project of the frontier product". The company has established a sound marketing service system in the whole country, established the customer profile and the 24-hour rapid reaction mechanism, striving to make the customer experience the most thoughtful and rapid service.

With the support of the customers, Bianfeng pump will continuously improve the technology content of the diaphragm pump to create a more brilliant tomorrow.




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