Methanol Transportation



In this case, the transport scheme of a methanol plant was analyzed. The customer originally used imported pumps, but because of the high price of imported pumps, they intend to find a domestic pump manufacturer for replacement. First, it can save costs. Second, the imported pumps used in the factory have reached the critical point of service. Third, the after-sales service of domestic pumps is more convenient.

After the introduction of a friend and successfully in contact with our technical staff, they put forward the following three needs:

The Problems Faced by Customers

01. The conveying material is high concentration of methanol, its own concentration, pH, viscosity has higher requirements for conveying equipment.

02. In order to ensure the efficiency of the working condition, the flow rate of the conveying equipment is required to be 20m³/h in the methanol conveying process. The head is required to be 10 meters vertical and 50 meters horizontal; Suction height is required to be 3 meters horizontal.

03. The corrosivity of methanol is related to its purity and temperature. Strong agitation in the transportation process is easy to cause heating, which will affect its corrosivity to change and increase safety risks.





◼Stainless steel is undoubtedly the best choice for conveying equipment when dealing with high concentrations of methanol.

◼DBY3-125P has a maximum head range of 40 meters, a maximum suction height range of 6 meters, and a flow rate of 28.8m³/h. It can transport fluids with a viscosity of less than 10000 cps to meet the requirements of customers' field working conditions.

◼DBY3-125P low material shear characteristics to minimize the physical impact of the conveying process on the fluid, conveying unstable fluid will not overheat, perfect for sensitive material conveying tasks.



After confirming the conveying scheme with the customer, the technical staff of GODO went to the customer's factory to install a DBY3-125P for trial. After a period of trial operation, the customer was very satisfied with the working condition of the equipment and replaced the imported pump in large quantities, which successfully reduced the cost of subsequent production for the enterprise.

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