Chemical Stock Solution Transfer

Chemical Stock Solution Transfer-1

In August this year,  GODO PUMPS successfully provided customized transportation schemes for pharmaceutical chemical stock solution transportation.


On July 15, the technical staff of GODO PUMPS came to Hunan again to make a return visit and record the operation conditions of the electric sanitary pump transportation scheme in the workshop of H Pharmaceutical Group.

The quick-disassembly design of this batch of GODO electric sanitary pump greatly reduces the time cost of shutdown and cleaning, and excellently completes the transportation task of liquid, semi-solid, solid preparation, capsule, injection and other drugs in different forms. Customers are very satisfied with the current production efficiency of the drug preparation process.

Chemical Stock Solution Transfer-2

Subsequently, the customer took GODO PUMPS technical personnel to the raw material processing site for investigation, and hoped that we could provide a new transportation scheme to adapt to the raw material processing link.

GODO PUMPS technical personnel starts from three angles: material characteristics, conveying efficiency and working condition safety, to analyze the scheme customization:


The first is the requirement of work efficiency. The high pressure pump tailor-made by GODO PUMPS for this process has the design of connecting double air valve chamber to meet the demand of field flow;

Chemical Stock Solution Transfer-3

The second is the requirement of sealing. The raw material processing process here transports chemical stock solution, which is accompanied by slight corrosion and has the characteristics of strong leakage hazard and high risk. GODO diaphragm pump has no rotating parts and no shaft seal. The diaphragm completely separates the moving parts of the pump from the conveying medium, and will not leak outward;

Finally, there are safety requirements. GODO pneumatic diaphragm pump is powered by air source, and there will be no electric spark when working. The whole pump is safe and explosion-proof, and the solid and durable stainless steel pump body is also very suitable for long-term operation in the open air condition.


Chemical Stock Solution Transfer-4

In the trial process of this high pressure pump customization scheme, the technical personnel of GODO PUMPS maintain close communication with customers, for emergencies, they rushed to the scene to solve at the first time. From field visits to scheme formulation, to installation and commissioning are all very smooth! At present, the batch of customized high pressure pump has been installed and debugging completed and officially put into use.