International Pump Replacement

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In June this year, GODO PUMPS successfully provided international pump replacement solutions for customer's environmental protection projects!


The environmental project originally used international hose pumps, each hose pump often up to more than CNY 200,000, so that the cost of the whole project greatly increased. So in the preparation of the new project, it plans to purchase a batch of China diaphragm pumps that can achieve the expected efficiency for replacement.

After understanding the on-site working conditions, the technical staff of GODO PUMPS work with Chinalco Design Institute to jointly overcome the problem of complex slurry working conditions!

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In the transportation scheme of replacing the international hose pump with GODO electric diaphragm pump, mainly focuses on the following four points:

1) it is how to smoothly transport high viscous materials.

The pump purchased in this batch is used for the transportation of aluminum mortar, and the specific gravity of aluminum mortar slurry is between 1.5 and 1.6. The ordinary water pump is not ideal for the handling of this kind of viscous material. Therefore, electric diaphragm pumps rely on strong delivery capacity and are more suitable for this task than ordinary water pumps.

2) the active chemical nature of the material has security risks.

Aluminum mortar contains chloride ions and ammonia gas, chemical properties are very active, flammable and explosive after contact with air. The excellent sealing performance of the diaphragm pump can effectively avoid the exposure of materials to the air and prevent safety accidents. Supporting enhanced variable-frequency explosion-proof motor, while ensuring smooth transportation, it can also reduce loss and provide double insurance for production safety.

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3) the wear of the material to the pump body.

The aluminum mortar contains a large number of aluminum ash particles, which wear the diaphragm pump seriously after years of transportation. Nodular cast iron material not only has excellent wear resistance, but also can avoid the reaction with chemically active chloride ions, which is the best choice for pump material.

4)the issue of procurement costs.

Compared with the international hose pump, the price of each GODO electric diaphragm pump is only less than one-tenth of the international pump. And under the premise that the field conditions can meet the expectations, truly achieve "international quality, domestic price"! It will undoubtedly save a lot of cost for the second phase of the project!

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Considering the above four points, GODO electric diaphragm pump can perfectly replace the original international hose pump, and now it has been officially put into use in the new project!


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As a typical case of customer replacing international pump with China diaphragm pump for the first time, we can see that the myth of domination of international pump is gradually broken, and China diaphragm pump is recognized by more and more industries and customers!

As a national brand leader of diaphragm pump industry in the foreign brand replacement, GODO PUMPS will continue to focus on digital high-end precision manufacturing, with the actual international pump replacement case to interpret: Made in China really good!

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