GODO Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the leader of diaphragm pump industry in global, is a professional diaphragm pump manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service in China. The company is the main drafting unit of Zhejiang pneumatic diaphragm pump group standard (T/ZZB2345-2021). The company can be traced back to 1990, headquartered in Shanghai, and the manufacturing center is located in Jiashan, Zhejiang.

The History of GODO

The company can be traced back to 1990, headquartered in Shanghai, and the manufacturing center is located in Jiashan, Zhejiang.


The Bianfeng's predecessors took the lead in establishing a diaphragm pump processing workshop in China.


Bianfeng's second-generation pneumatic diaphragm pump came out.


Shanghai Bianfeng Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was formally registered and established.


GODO's third-generation diaphragm pump was successfully put into the market.


Bianfeng Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. passed the 1S09001 international quality system certification.


Shanghai Bianfeng Pump Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification. The pneumatic diaphragm pump series have obtained explosion-proof certification. Diaphragm pump products have obtained the EU CE certification.


Bianfeng Machinery Group Co.,Ltd. was formally established. The production base in Xitang town, Jiashan county was established.


The total number of enterprise patents exceeded 50. The first overseas branch—Vietnam Hanoi branch was established.


GODO manufacturing Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Top Ten Specialized Special New Enterprises" and "Demonstration Enterprise of Technological Innovation and Achievement Transformation" title. The number of domestic branches under the Bianfeng Machinery Group Co.,ltd reaches 15.


GODO manufacturing Co., Ltd. was certified as a national high-tech enterprise. 15,000㎡ new plant was completed in Jiashan county.


In June, the artificial intelligence production workshop was officially launched;

In August, the "Group Standards for Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps", which was mainly drafted by GODO Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was released and implemented;

In November, GODO Manufacturing Co., Ltd. passed the certification of "14001 Environmental Management System" and "45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System";

In December, GODO Manufacturing Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the "Zhejiang manufacturing certification", and passed the "intellectual property management system" certification.


In March, the signing ceremony for the construction of the "artificial intelligence factory" project was successfully concluded;

In April, the new office building officially started working;

In April, the second phase of the Bianfeng Group project (artificial intelligence factory, talent apartment) started;

In April, the "First Quarter Marketing Special Meeting" of Bianfeng Group was held;

In June, Bianfeng Institute of Technology officially started classes;

In July, the "Marketing Special Conference for the First Half of the Year" of the Bianfeng Group was held;

In December, Bianfeng International Business Department was interviewed by Jiaxing Daily;

In December, the "2023 Annual Performance Kickoff Meeting" of Wingfeng Group was successfully held.


In January, Bianfeng Group was rated as "2022 Advanced Collective of Association for Science and Technology";

In February, Bianfeng Group was interviewed by Dragon TV's "China Yangtze River Delta" column, People's Daily, Jiaxing TV Station and other media;

In March, the leaders of the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Zhejiang Province visited the headquarters of Bianfeng for guidance;

In May, Bianfeng Group was selected as the first batch of specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2023;

In July, the leaders of the Policy Research Office of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee came to the headquarters of the Bianfeng Group to carry out research and inspection work;

In July, the work conference of the first half of the year was successfully held;