GODO diaphragm pumps are versatile and can handle various fluids, making them ideal for use in chemical processing, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, water treatment, oil and gas, mining, and automotive applications, etc.

Solutions for Every Project


Petrochemical Industry Transfer Solution

As an efficient and reliable fluid transfer equipment, diaphragm pumps are widely used in the petrochemical industry. Mr. He from Jiangsu Province has a new petrochemical project that needs to process a large amount of chemical raw liquid. The previous transfer equipment was inefficient and leaked frequently. The project is facing transfer problems.


Chemical Raw Material Transfer

Mr. Wang's chemical plant has several production lines. The raw material line in the loading workshop has the characteristic of high leakage hazards and high risks. It is extremely in demanding of conveying equipment.


Industrial Equipment Cleaning

By using diaphragm pump as the driving source of industrial equipment cleaning, Mr. Xu successfully solved the problem of pipeline cleaning, improved the cleaning efficiency, and extended the service life of enterprise industrial equipment.


Chemical Stock Solution Transfer

In August this year, GODO PUMPS successfully provided customized transportation schemes for pharmaceutical chemical stock solution transportation.


International Pump Replacement

The environmental project originally used international hose pumps, each hose pump often up to more than CNY 200,000, so that the cost of the whole project greatly increased. So in the preparation of the new project, it plans to purchase a batch of China diaphragm pumps that can achieve the expected efficiency for replacement. After understanding the on-site working conditions, the technical staff of GODO PUMPS work with Chinalco Design Institute to jointly overcome the problem of complex slurry working conditions!


Acid Material Transportation

Acid materials are often corrosive, the pump in long-term contact with acid materials, will be subject to different degrees of erosion, resulting in pump damage or material leakage, leakage of strong acid materials will even threaten the safety of personnel and property.


Waste Cutting Fluid Purification

In the process of modern machining, the treatment of waste cutting fluid is always a big problem that restricts the rapid development of enterprises. How to deal with these waste cutting fluids efficiently, environmentally friendly and economically is a topic that all machining enterprises can not get around.


Sludge and Sewage Treatment

Conveying pump as the most basic part of sewage treatment link, its normal and efficient operation directly affects the economic benefits of enterprises.


Lithium Battery Raw Material - Lithium Iron Phosphate

With the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry, the supply demand of lithium iron phosphate, the main cathode material for power lithium batteries, has also increased greatly.


Coating Transportation

In recent years, decorative coatings have gradually become an essential and important application in various fields. In the processing process of the upper, middle and lower reaches, the production process of different links has different requirements for equipment.


Methanol Transportation

The customer originally used imported pumps, but because of the high price of imported pumps, they intend to find a domestic pump manufacturer for replacement. First, it can save costs. Second, the imported pumps used in the factory have reached the critical point of service. Third, the after-sales service of domestic pumps is more convenient.


Pharmaceutical Intermediate Delivery

This case is analyzed by the delivery scheme of pharmaceutical intermediates of a customer. In the processing procedure of this process section, the materials transported are mostly chemical raw materials or chemical products.