Sludge and Sewage Treatment

Conveying pump as the most basic part of sewage treatment link, its normal and efficient operation directly affects the economic benefits of enterprises.

The types of sewage are diverse, such as industrial wastewater, domestic sewage and other different kinds of sewage, the demand for pump is also different. This paper takes a sewage treatment plant as an example.

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Difficulties in Sludge Wastewater Treatment

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◼The customer's sludge and sewage conveying process is often accompanied by a large number of fibrous liquid and sediment, which is easy to cause the blockage of the conveying pump. The pump must be capable of transporting granular fluid. 

◼The collision of sediment is easy to damage the pump body, resulting in reduced service life of equipment, greatly increasing the maintenance cost. The conveying medium and the moving parts need to be separated.

◼The composition of sludge and mud-water mixture is complex, which is not only erosive, but also makes the working condition worse due to the leakage of ordinary pump.

In summary, in the sewage treatment process of this customer, the overall demand direction for conveying equipment is: No plugging, slow wear, long life, corrosion resistance, high efficiency and energy saving and environmental protection.

GODO PUMPS Conveying Scheme

QBY Series Diaphragm Pump

QBY Series Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump for Sludge and Sewage Treatment-3

QBY series diaphragm pump allows a large diameter of particles through the pump body, the conveying fluid viscosity range is wide, can effectively overcome the fluid transport problems of fluid containing solid particles, and abrasive, corrosive or containing easy to deposit particles.

◼Depending on the acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance of fluorine plastic products, it can easily complete the transportation task of all kinds of sludge, mud-water mixture, and corrosive or fibrous liquid.

◼When working, the diaphragm will completely separate the conveying medium from the moving parts of the pump, which is the ideal choice for conveying complex sewage.


QBY Series Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump for Sludge and Sewage Treatment-4 

Nowadays, although the total amount of sewage in the world is decreasing year by year, the proportion of solid matter in sewage is increasing. QBY series diaphragm pump with many years of equipment application experience, has withstood the test of the market, won the love of majority of environmental protection industry and sludge sewage treatment customers.

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