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GODO PUMPS New Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps Launched

GODO PUMPS follows international standards and designs and manufactures new inlet/outlet size pneumatic aluminum alloy lining PVDF diaphragm pumps based on fluid mechanics castings. Hydraulic simulation technology is combined with the process design of non-metallic pumps.  It has high mechanical strength and smooth operation, effectively reducing consumption during material transportation and making the flow rate stronger.


GODO Diaphragm Pump Chemical Solutions: Make Transfer Problems Easy

GODO diaphragm pumps have been widely used in the field of new materials in recent years due to their excellent conveying efficiency and reliable working performance. Mr. Sun's new materials company in Anhui, China is mainly engaged in the wholesale and retail of chemical raw materials and products. Recently, he has a new project that needs to process a large amount of chemical raw materials. The conveying equipment used previously was inefficient and leaked frequently. The project progress suffered many difficulties. obstacle. Mr. Sun contacted GODO PUMPS and wanted to try a diaphragm pump product that he had never used before to complete the delivery task. After detailed analysis of the specific working conditions of the project and completion of model selection, the technical team of GODO PUMPS rushed to the site to carry out the installation work.


GODO PUMPS Helps Customers Efficiently Transfer Chemical Liquids

Recently, Mr. Deng reported that the diaphragm pumps have been used for nearly a year without any major problems, but recently several diaphragm pumps have stopped working. After receiving the feedback, the company immediately sent an after-sales engineer to the customer's factory the next day. After inspection, it was found that the V-ring of the non-working diaphragm pump was worn and the diaphragm was deformed. After finding the cause, the after-sales engineer replaced the damaged V-ring and deformed diaphragm. Other diaphragm pumps were also checked, and those with hidden problems were debugged and maintained.


Self-Priming Innovation: GODO PUMPS' Impact on Water Plant Efficiency & Sewage Treatment

With the acceleration of global urbanization, water shortage and pollution issues have attracted more and more attention, and countries have strengthened the construction of sewage treatment facilities. A water supply plant owned by an environmental protection company in Henan, China, uses automation systems extensively to improve water supply efficiency and quality. Recently, in order to further improve its sewage treatment capacity, the water plant decided to introduce a batch of self-priming pumps with high lift and large flow characteristics to Chinese companies to support the automated sewage treatment system to ensure the safety of domestic water for local residents. GODO PUMPS were finally chosen as a partner.


GODO PUMPS Solving the Puzzle: Dealing with Intermittent Problems in Diaphragm Pump

Maintenance model: GODO QBY3-40STFF Diaphragm pump material: Plastic PP polypropylene Maximum working flow: 45gpm (170lpm) Maintenance problem: The working state of the diaphragm pump is unstable, and shutdowns often occur when conveying materials.


Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump and FRL System: Enhancing Performance and Longevity

GODO PUMPS installs a pneumatic FRL on a pneumatic diaphragm pump, which can not only filter moisture and impurities in the air, but also effectively reduce the occurrence of muffler icing, facilitate observation of the air inlet pressure, achieve real-time adjustment, and lubricate the air valve chamber. Reduce diaphragm pump wear and extend diaphragm pump component life. Therefore GODO PUMPS recommends customers to install pneumatic FRL.


Efficient Graphite Transfer with GODO Powder Pump: Solving Granular Material Challenges

In recent years, semiconductor, lithium battery, photovoltaic solar energy, nuclear power and other industries have developed vigorously. The market demand for graphite products is increasing day by day. At the same time, the market has increasingly stringent requirements for the purity and quality of graphite products. GODO PUMPS' powder pumps provide customers with the graphite deep processing project brings a new pumping solution.


GODO Diaphragm Pump Selection and Purchasing Guide

With the acceleration of industrial development, the industry areas covered by diaphragm pumps are also expanding, which makes many users confused in the choice of diaphragm pumps. Now GODO PUMPS recommend several industry-specific pumps suitable for different fields.


Application of GODO Large Flow Diaphragm Pump in Petrochemical Field

The customer contacted us(GODO PUMPS) and wanted to try a diaphragm pump product that had never been used before to complete the delivery task. After completing the selection from GODO diaphragm pumps according to the project conditions, GODO PUMPS' technicians immediately set off to the site to install the diaphragm pump.


Good news! GODO PUMPS mining diaphragm pump obtains CMAC certification

Recently, BQG series mine pneumatic diaphragm pumps, a special diaphragm pump product for the coal mining industry owned by GODO PUMPS, successfully passed the CMAC mark certification, further enhancing the industry influence of GODO diaphragm pumps in the coal mining field.


GODO PUMPS After-sales Sevice Case| Motor Abnormal Noise Inspection and Repair

During the National Day last year, GODO PUMPS provided a corrosive material solution to a new materials company in Shandong. On October 8 this year, customer reported abnormal noise from the motor, and the GODO PUMPS after-sales team came to Shandong for inspection and repairation.


What To Do If The Pump Muffler Freezes

One hundred thousand pump knowledge What to do if the pump muffler freezes