Customer Case: DBY3 Series Electric Diaphragm Pump for Coating Transfer


In recent years, decorative coatings have gradually become an essential and important application in various fields. In the processing process of the upper, middle and lower reaches, the production process of different links has different requirements for equipment.

The diaphragm pump with its own excellent and reliable field conditions, has gradually become the main force of coating transfer.

Customer Field Application Scheme

The transferring materials mainly include resins, solvents, colorants, paints, etc., which are viscous materials, and the general transferring equipment is very easy to clog.

The third-generation electric diaphragm pumps DBY3 series from GODO PUMPS, which can handle liquids with viscosity below 10000 cps, is the ideal choice for this transfer task. The variable frequency motor makes the real-time flow control more accurate, so the whole transferring process is smoother, and the field performance is excellent.

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DBY3-25P Stainless steel material

Product Advantage

◼ Diaphragm pump is suitable for premixing, grinding, dispersing, filtering, filling, and other links in coating processing.

◼ Stainless steel material is durable, DBY3-25P plays the role of "wall" in this assembly line.

◼ Good sealing performance, can effectively avoid powder leakage or contact with personnel.

◼ The mild internal shear force avoids material agitation heating to the maximum extent, and the precise flow control of the variable frequency motor ensures that the integrity of the material is not affected to the maximum extent.