Exciting Highlights Review: GODO PUMPS at Beijing Water 2023 Exhibition


The 12th Beijing International Water Treatment Exhibition

The 2023 Beijing Treatment Water Exhibition, covering the upstream and downstream of the entire water treatment industry chain, opened grandly at the Beijing National Convention Center on November 20! With an exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, it brings together nearly 600 exhibitors and companies including GODO PUMPS, present over 15,000 industry products and cutting-edge application scenarios in the fields of water purification, membrane and water treatment to the audience, with environmentally friendly water treatment  technology and solutions.

As a mature domestic diaphragm pumps manufacturer, GODO made a surprise appearance at booth 2H140. With a variety of new diaphragm pump products that accurately targeted industry characteristics, GODO PUMPS attracted the attention of industry partners and demands.


GODO PUMPS At The Exhibition

By the continuously acceleration of China's urbanization and industrialization process, water pollution and shortages of water resource have become increasingly serious. It is a general trend for the water treatment industry to transform and reform towards the situation to make a  comprehensive development.

The GODO team discussed technical solutions in water treatment-related industries with  customers at the exhibition. There is an audience who came to the GODO PUMPS booth for the first time said that several of his colleagues have begun to use diaphragm pumps to do the sewage treatment, and hoping to use a new transportation method to improve the efficiency of the entire sewage treatment line.

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Product Recommendation

Q/DBY3 Series Third generation diaphragm pump

GODO PUMPS' diaphragm pump products are available in a variety of materials and sizes, and a wide selection range makes them active in different water treatment sites such as municipal water supply, sewage, ships, chemical industry, coal mines, etc.

BFQ/D Series Large flow diaphragm pump

The diaphragm pump body allows particles to pass through with a maximum diameter of 9.4mm. It has the characteristics of no clogging, anti-wear, long life, anti-corrosion, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It can effectively overcome fluids containing solid particles, as well as abrasive, corrosive or easy-to-deposit fluids. Transport problems of granular mud-water mixture.

GODO filter press intelligent feeding system

An excellent choice for plate and frame filter presses. The outlet pressure can reach up to 16 kg. It provides customers with a one-stop solution to problems such as low air source pressure of the filter press, poor mud pressing, and long working hours.