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As a material conveying equipment widely used in many industries, diaphragm pumps' quality and performance are related to the safety, stability and efficiency of the entire production line. The purchase of a diaphragm pump is not only a matter of trust in the company's technical level, but also a defense of one's own rights and interests.Today, we will discuss the application scenarios and quality identification methods of diaphragm pumps with GODO PUMPS to safeguard the common rights and interests of us and GODO PUMPS' customers.

1化工          2环保污水

  • GODO diaphragm pumps can handle various acids, alkalis, solvents and corrosive chemicals, and GODO PUMPS can be used in process sections such as chemical material transfer, batching, circulating cooling water systems, and the treatment of hazardous chemicals.
  • GODO diaphragm pump can handle sewage containing solid particles and fibrous debris. GODO PUMPS dry running capability and high self-priming function make it excellent in conveying sewage and slurry.

3石油天然气          4制药

  • GODO diaphragm pumps can be used to transfer crude oil, fuel, lubricating oil, etc., and even transfer drilling fluids and additives during downhole operations. Because they do not require electricity and are explosion-proof, they are especially suitable for flammable and explosive environments.
  • GODO diaphragm pumps are used to transfer pharmaceutical solutions, intermediates and APIs, as well as fluids that require strict control of sterile conditions in clean room environments.

5冶金油漆          7新能源

  • GODO diaphragm pumps are used to transfer liquids with high viscosity or particles such as slurries, pigments, and adhesives. Its advantages of small high shear force and difficulty in clogging make it an ideal transportation tool.
  • A variety of chemical liquids are involved in the production and assembly process of lithium-ion batteries. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance and leak-free characteristics, GODO diaphragm pumps can safely and effectively transport corrosive liquids such as electrolytes, positive and negative electrode slurries.

How to identify and choose a diaphragm pump?

1. Check qualification certificate

Check whether the product has the test report and certification mark of an authoritative organization. In addition to the basic three-system certification and CE certification, many industries also require designated product certification. For example, the shipping industry requires CCS certification from the classification society, and the coal mining industry requires CMAC product certification. The food industry requires US FDA certification, in addition to EU CE, ROHS, REACH, ATEX certification and other product-related certifications. As a professional manufacturer of diaphragm pumps, GODO PUMPS has all these certificates.


2. Compare parameter performance

Key performance indicators such as flow, pressure, power, and service life should be consistent with actual working conditions, and high or low prices should not be blindly pursued. If the caliber and flow rate of the diaphragm pump do not match, a reducing joint can be installed at the inlet and outlet. GODO will create unique solutions for you and provide customers with high-quality services.


3. Examine materials and craftsmanship

The corrosion resistance, wear resistance and fatigue resistance of the diaphragm pump body material directly affect the life and safety of the pump. GODO diaphragm pumps are available in cast steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic PP polypropylene, fluoroplastic and other materials. For selection, if the material characteristics are uncertain, it is recommended to choose the same material as the conveying pipeline.

4. Pay attention to after-sales service

Before purchasing, understand the manufacturer's after-sales service policy, including warranty period, maintenance support, and emergency response speed. As a professional manufacturer of diaphragm pumps founded in 1990, GODO PUMPS integrates production, sales, R&D and service. It always adheres to the three-hearted service concept of "safety, warmth and happiness" and pursues the fastest solution Good customer needs, so that every customer can get an excellent after-sales experience.