GODO Diaphragm Pump Escorts the Safety Production of Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry


On June 10, the technical team of GODO PUMPS was invited to Mr. Wu's textile factory to provide suitable solutions for dye transfer in the printing and dyeing workshop.

There are many production processes in the printing and dyeing workshop, and the components of different colors of dyes are mixed, and the material requirements of the pump are not the same, which brings great challenges to the performance and reliability of the transfer equipment.


After a detailed investigation of the field conditions, the technical team of GODO PUMPS put the focus of the solution on material characteristics and flow control.

  • In the process of dye transfer, the dye often contains corrosive substances, such as acid, alkali, salt, etc. Some organic substances will react with the metal, which will cause corrosion on the metal surface. Therefore, the diaphragm pump body of engineering plastic material is more suitable for this transfer task.
  • In textile production, the fire risk is high, the fire incidence is high, some dyes are flammable. Once it leaks during transfer, it may cause serious personal injury and death accidents. GODO air-operated diaphragm pump does not need to use electricity when it works, and it will not produce electric spark. The diaphragm will separate the pumping material from the moving parts of the pump to avoid leakage.
  • In consideration of the transfer efficiency of the whole process section, Mr. Wu hopes to realize the flow adjustment in dye transfer. The head and flow of GODO air-operated diaphragm pump can be adjusted stepless through the opening of the air valve, so that the whole dye delivery line is more smooth.


A set of special application scheme suitable for textile printing and dyeing industry workshop is not only conducive to reducing the initial equipment investment cost and daily maintenance cost of enterprises, but also helps to save energy consumption and further promote the industry to low-carbon ecological transformation.

GODO PUMPS has been deeply engaged in diaphragm pump industry for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in textile printing and dyeing industry transfer. Combined with the unique advantages of local R&D and manufacturing, GODO PUMPS has customized solutions for hundreds of textile mills to suit their own workshops, which has received continuous praise.