Filter Press Excellence: GODO Diaphragm Pumps Adapt to Multi-Industry Needs


As a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment, filter press is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, food and other fields due to its advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and good filtration effect. Faced with different working conditions, filter presses of different sizes have different requirements for the supporting transfer pumps.

Appropriate pump body material, matching model caliber, and power of conveyment are crutial to the perfomance of the filter press. GODO diaphragm pumps are used in filter press applications in many fields, providing reliable diaphragm pump supporting solutions.


Chemical industry

Filter presses are used in the chemical industry to separate solids and liquids form chemical raw materials. These chemical raw materials are corrosive, with high leakage hazards and of high risks under working conditions. The GODO diaphragm pump has the structural characteristics of no rotating parts and no shaft seal, so that the diaphragm completely separates the moving parts of the pump from the transfer medium, ensuring that the material does not leak and does not corrode the pump body.

Pharmaceutical field

The filter press also performs solid-liquid separation in the pharmaceutical process. The separated materials include liquids, semi-solids, solid preparations, injections and other forms, and the working conditions are complex. GODO diaphragm pump has low shear characteristics, and the gentle transfer process minimizes the impact of physical stirring on the liquid and avoids heating of the liquid.


Environmental protection field

Filter presses are most commonly used to treat sewage. To separate solid impurities and waste residue from sewage to improve water quality. The mud-water mixture contains a large number of particles and fibrous media, which can easily cause blockage. The maximum passing diameter of the GODO diaphragm pump can reach up to 9.44mm to avoid the accumulation of particle depositing.

Food field

The filter press can also be used for solid-liquid separation in food processing, such as oil pressing, wine brewing, etc. Such materials have different densities, and daily cleaning and maintenance work is cumbersome. The unique pump body design of the GODO diaphragm pump makes daily maintenance simple. The diaphragm pump body is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the small size make it flexibleto move. It can be adjusted in real time according to different working conditions, keeping the time cost of downtime maintenance at the lowest level.

Facing the application scenarios of filter presses in many industries, GODO Diaphragm Pump adapts to the situation and provides diaphragm pump supporting solutions for various industries with its reliable product performance and wide range of product selection space to meet the needs of different industries, and also won customer trust and market reputation.