Efficient Graphite Transfer with GODO Powder Pump: Solving Granular Material Challenges



In recent years, semiconductor, lithium battery, photovoltaic solar energy, nuclear power and other industries have developed vigorously. The market demand for graphite products is increasing day by day. At the same time, the market has increasingly stringent requirements for the purity and quality of graphite products. GODO PUMPS' powder pumps provide customers with the graphite deep processing project brings a new pumping solution.

The production process of graphite deep processing involves multiple graphite processing links, mainly including raw material preparation, crushing, grinding, purification, shaping and subsequent processing. The powder material transfer during the processing is faced with problems such as material blockage, uneven transfer, and energy consumption. Various problems such as excessive consumption not only affect the quality of graphite, but also greatly slow down the production efficiency of the project and increase the cost of on-site operation and maintenance.


On-site performance of GODO Pneumatic Powder Pump

As a powerful manufacturer with more than 30+ years of experience in producing diaphragm pumps, GODO PUMPS provides customers with excellent solutions for pneumatic powder pumps.

1. GODO Powder Pump can transfer granular materials with a density of 80~800kg/m³. From graphite raw ore crushing and powdering to subsequent water washing, pickling and other processing steps, GODO Powder Pump can transfer graphite powder of different sizes. Accurately and evenly transfer the material to the reaction tank to solve the problem of material clogging and ensure the smooth progress of the process.

2. In addition, the GODO Powder Pump has a gentler internal shear force and a smaller material agitation, which prevents the material from heating up due to large transfer agitation and ensures the integrity of the granular material to the greatest extent, thus improving the efficiency and uniformity of the reaction between graphite and acid. safety and improve product quality.

3. It is worth mentioning that GODO Powder Pump also has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can easily deal with various corrosive substances that may be produced during graphite processing, ensuring that the equipment can operate stably on site for a long time , extend the service life of equipment and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

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The efficient transfering performance and excellent stability demonstrated by the GODO Powder Pump have successfully solved many problems faced by the transfer of granular materials at the processing site, improved the quality and output of graphite products, and provided a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of the entire production process.

In the future, GODO PUMPS will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, and sustainable development", promote product technology and service innovation, and strive to provide customers in various industries with more efficient and more suitable powder pumping solutions.