GODO PUMPS is busy with production after Chinese New Year!



On the morning of February 18th, the first morning meeting of each department of GODO PUMPS after the new year kicked off the new year's work. From contacting customers, order processing, stocking and packaging diaphragm pumps, loading and shipping, everyone in the company performs their duties and devotes themselves to their jobs with enthusiasm to serve customers and promote the development of diaphragm pumps in the new year!

On February 18th, GODO PUMPS hold first meeting of all departments after the Chinese New Year, the employees of GODO PUMPS are full of enthusiasm to work on diaphragm pumps in the new year.


On February 18th, the first batch of diaphragm pump orders for GODO diaphragm pumps during the Spring Festival are being loaded and prepared to be shipped to the shipping warehouse.

On February 19th, the GODO diaphragm pump team arrived at the first customer site in the Chinese Year of the Dragon, preparing to install the GODO PUMPS' diaphragm pump and provide professional diaphragm pump knowledge training for the customer.

On February 18th, as the first worker walked into the GODO PUMPS' diaphragm pump factory, the various production lines of the diaphragm pump were already busy.The first employee of the diaphragm pump division returned to his work station, and the GODO PUMPS department also officially returned to work.

On February 18th, the employee academy of GODO PUMPS held the first new employee training in the Chinese Year of the Dragon, injecting new strength into GODO PUMPS.

On February 20th, the first overseas customer in the Year of the Dragon came to GODO PUMPS for factory inspection and visited the GODO Water Pump Museum, gaining greater confidence in future diaphragm pump cooperation.