Solve Your Pumping Needs with GODO Diaphragm Pumps: A Comprehensive Guide



With the acceleration of industrial development, the industry areas covered by diaphragm pumps are also expanding, which makes many users confused in the choice of diaphragm pumps. GODO has been deeply involved in the field of diaphragm pumps in recent years, and has successively launched a variety of industry-specific pump products that accurately target industry characteristics and meet the needs of specific working conditions, helping customers in various industries quickly locate industry transportation requirements. Now GODO PUMPS recommend several industry-specific pumps suitable for different fields.

2 GDXQD 新能源锂电泵

GODO PUMPS: Special Pump for New Energy Lithium Battery GDXQ/D Series

1. GDXQ/D Special Pump for New Energy Lithium Battery's whole body does not contain copper and zinc to avoid reaction with the delivery medium.

2. The intermediate adds a protective function to protect the normal operation of the bearing and improve work efficiency.

3. A new pressure protection device is added to the pump port to replace the pressure reducing valve and protect the bearing operation.

4. GDXQ/D Special Pump for New Energy Lithium Battery solve the problem of oil leakage, make itself more wear-resistant and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

5. It is suitable for the transportation characteristics of highly abrasive, solid particles, high viscosity and highly corrosive slurry in the manufacturing process of new energy storage materials.

3 BFDQ 大流量隔膜泵

GODO PUMPS: Large Flow Diaphragm Pump BFQ/D Series

1. BFQ/D Large flow diaphragm pump's flow rate is larger, and the performance is 15% higher than that of ordinary diaphragm pumps.

2. The entrance and exit positions can also be adjusted from multiple angles according to working conditions.

3. BFQ/D Large flow diaphragm pump replace with a new generation GODO muffler.

4. Diaphragm warning device can be customized.

4 BQG 小灵通矿用泵

GODO PUMPS: Mine Pump BQG Series

1. BQG Mine Pump Passed CMAC product certification.

2. There are no electronic components in the pump. It uses compressed air as power and does not produce sparks. It is suitable for flammable and explosive gas environments.

3. BQG Mine Pump can be idle and can convey particles and mud of a certain viscosity, with stable performance and good performance.

4. Portable, light weight, small size, easy to move.

5. Long life, easy disassembly and assembly, high strength and durability.

6. Mature and efficient air distribution system, unbalanced valve structure, no shutdown.

5 GDC 船用气动隔膜泵

GODO PUMPS: Marine Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump GDC Series

1. GDC Marine Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Passed the CCS certification of China Classification Society.

2. GDC Marine Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump has multiple functions and can be used as a ballast pump, fire pump, and fresh water circulation pump.

3. Capable of handling multiple water bodies, it can handle various liquid transportation tasks such as seawater, fresh water, sewage, lubricating oil and fuel oil.

4. Adaptable to extreme temperatures, humidity, and seawater salt spray conditions, the stainless steel pump body will not react with chloride in seawater.

5. Simple structure, flexible disassembly and assembly, resistant to knocks and collisions, and adaptable to the working conditions of ocean-going ships.

6. It is driven by air source and does not need to use electricity. It has low energy and low consumption when used on board, and is safe and reliable.

6 QDBW 卫生级隔膜泵

GODO PUMPS: Sanitary Diaphragm Pump Q/DBW3 Series

1. Q/DBW3 Sanitary Diaphragm Pump complies with food-grade usage standards and has passed US FDA certification, EU ROHS and REACH certification.

2. Q/DBW3 Sanitary Diaphragm Pump is made of mirror stainless steel. There are no dead corners in the entire pump. The inner wall is smooth and easy to flow, and there is no residue in the transported materials.

3. The direction of the inlet and outlet of the upper and lower covers is adjustable, and the clamp-type design is easy to disassemble and clean.

4. With mild shear force, it can completely convey all kinds of large particle food materials.

The diaphragm pump industry is constantly moving forward, and product technology updates are becoming more and more frequent. GODO PUMPS will continue to rely on more than 30 years of experience and accumulation in the diaphragm pump industry to continuously improve and optimize existing diaphragm pump products, and continuously launch new diaphragm pump series products to help more working conditions and more industries to achieve efficient and reliable diaphragm pump's solution.