Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump and FRL System: Enhancing Performance and Longevity



GODO PUMPS installs a pneumatic FRL on a pneumatic diaphragm pump, which can not only filter moisture and impurities in the air, but also effectively reduce the occurrence of muffler icing, facilitate observation of the air inlet pressure, achieve real-time adjustment, and lubricate the air valve chamber. Reduce diaphragm pump wear and extend diaphragm pump component life. Therefore GODO PUMPS recommends customers to install pneumatic FRL.

Video Showcase: Why should pneumatic diaphragm pump be equipped with pneumatic FRL?

Video content:

Today we will share the practical application effects of pneumatic FRL. The air compressors at many customer sites are exposed to working conditions that contain a large amount of moisture and particulate impurities. Pneumatic FRL can help us filter the air source effectively. This is a filter that can effectively filter moisture and impurities. This is an oil mist device, which can atomize engine oil through high pressure, and transfer it to the valve chamber for lubrication, extending the service life of the diaphragm pump. Let's turn on the air source and actually test it. We can see that a lot of moisture is produced in the filter. Let's unplug the exhaust pipe again to see how much water content the on-site air source has. Obviously, if the air compressor does not use drying equipment or air desiccant, the output air source will contain a lot of moisture. After this moisture enters the valve chamber, it will wash away the grease and accelerate the corrosion of vulnerable parts in the valve chamber. Therefore, equipping the diaphragm pump with pneumatic triple components can effectively extend the service life of the diaphragm pump.

When we usually use pneumatic FRL, should pay special attention to the following points:

1. GODO PUMPS pneumatic FRL is shipped without engine oil. Please add engine oil yourself when installing and using it. The small knob on the oil mist device can adjust the amount of oil. It is appropriate to drip 2-3 drops per minute.

2. According to the intensity of use, refill the oil in time before the oil level in the oil cup drops below the minimum line. When refueling, you need to turn off the air source and remove the pressure from the pipeline to prevent oil from spraying out.

3. GODO PUMPS pneumatic FRL has an automatic drainage function and will automatically drain when the pressure is relieved. If the FRL is in a pressure environment for a long time, manual drainage is required before exceeding the maximum water storage line (the metal button under the water cup is pushed upward).