GODO PUMPS After-sales: Expert Motor Abnormal Noise Inspection & Repair


During the National Day last year, GODO PUMPS provided a corrosive material solution to a new materials company in Shandong. On October 8 this year, customer reported abnormal noise from the motor, and the GODO PUMPS after-sales team came to Shandong for inspection and repairation.

Working Conditions Review

1. It is a chemical project, and the chemical raw materials extracted are highly corrosive, so the diaphragm pumps choosed are made of perfluorinated material.

2. The second point is the sealing performance. GODO diaphragm pumps with no rotating parts and unique shaft-sealless design can ensure that chemical raw materials would not leak during the transfer process and would not corrode the moving parts of the diaphragm pump.

3. In order to avoid safety hazards caused by heating of some sensitive chemical raw materials due to the shear force of transfer, the equipped pulse damper makes the entire transfer process smoother.

4. Finally, an enlarged frequency conversion motor is installed according to the requirements of the working conditions, which not only ensures a larger transfer flow rate, but also allows customer to adjust the flow rate according to the actual working conditions.


Analysis of Causes of Abnormal Noise in Motors

This batch of electric diaphragm pumps performed well during a full year, and the problem of abnormal motor noise arose only from recent days . After inspection, it was found that two motors on site had abnormal noises. One had a loud noise and the other had a small noise. The main reason was that the reducer in the motor was worn out. Regular oiling and maintenance can solve the problem.

Later, the GODO PUMPS technical after-sales team trained the staff on motor maintenance precautions and shared causes may caused of abnormal motor noise.


1. Bearing failure:Motor bearing failures usually manifest themselves as increased noise and increased vibration. The solution is to replace the motor's bearings.

2. Transmission wear:If the transmission parts in the motor are worn or loose, abnormal noise will occur. The solution is to replace the worn gear or adjust the gear clearance.

3. Loose connection:If the connection between the diaphragm pump and the motor is loose, it will cause abnormal noise. The solution is to re-fix the connection between the diaphragm pump body and the motor.

GODO PUMPS has always strived to make every project a model project. Through pre-sales, sales and after-sales service upgrades, provides customers with packaged integrated services of diaphragm pumps and supporting products, bringing peace of mind, warmth and happiness to customers.