Optimizing Production: GODO Diaphragm Pumps in Copper Foil Workshops



As the core component of new energy batteries, copper foil has an important impact on the quality and density of new energy lithium batteries. GODO PUMPS successfully provided Mr. Wang's copper foil workshop in Dalian with an efficient and reliable workshop waste liquid diaphragm pump solution.

On-site Problems

With the increasing demand for high-resistance, high-elongation, ultra-thin copper foil and composite copper foil, Mr. Wang's high-precision copper foil workshop in Dalian has been favored by many leading battery companies. But troubles also followed. Along with the workshop production capacity, there is also the pressure of handling workshop waste liquid.

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1. Pipeline layout optimization is difficult.

The site requires a working flow of more than 50 liters per minute to ensure work efficiency. Although the conveying equipment used previously can meet the transferring requirements, the equipment occupies a large area and affects the pipeline layout.

2. There is a risk of material leakage.
The materials transferred in the pipeline contain acid and alkali materials such as polysodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid diluted with water. Generally, there is a risk of leakage in the transfer equipment, which poses a threat to the health of workers and the surrounding environment.

3. High pressure on waste liquid treatment.
During the production process of copper foil, pickling and alkali washing processes are key steps to ensure the surface quality and conductivity of the product, and a large amount of waste acid and waste alkali will also be generated.

GODO Diaphragm Pump Customized Solution

GODO PUMPS uses a small size plastic diaphragm pump to replace the original transferring equipment. The maximum flow rate per minute for transferring viscous waste liquid can reach more than 50 liters, which meets the needs of the production line and solves the problem that the transferring equipment occupies a large area and affects the pipeline layout, which is of great concern to customers.

  • In addition, the diaphragm pump body of the small size pump engineering plastic PP material can withstand acids and weak alkalis with a purity of less than 30%, and there is no pressure to handle various waste acids, waste alkalis and other media in the production line.
  • At the same time, the GODO PUMPS nodular cast iron pneumatic diaphragm pump, with its own weak acid, weak alkali and wear-resistant material characteristics, can easily transfer production wastewater with various waste acids and waste alkalis. It has the characteristics of strong self-priming ability and dry operation, and realizes non-blocking continuous transfer. Even under low flow and high head conditions, it can maintain an efficient and stable working state, greatly improving the treatment efficiency.
  • Finally, the equipment is easy to maintain. The pump body of the GODO PUMPS diaphragm pump has a simple structure, which is very convenient for disassembly and maintenance, reducing the on-site operation and maintenance time. In addition, the rotating parts of the pump are completely separated from the transfer liquid, effectively preventing material leakage, thereby protecting the safety of factory engineers.

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Customer satisfaction

Finally, Mr. Wang is very satisfied with this solution. This upgrade makes the pipeline layout of the entire copper foil workshop more reasonable, optimizes the overall space, significantly reduces the production interruption time caused by leakage and maintenance, and improves the waste liquid treatment efficiency by nearly 30%.

More importantly, the diaphragm pump reduces the risk of employees being exposed to harmful waste liquids, reflecting the company's high sense of responsibility for employee health and environmental protection. This sense of responsibility will continue to lead the copper foil manufacturing industry to a greener and smarter direction.