Self-Priming Innovation: GODO PUMPS' Impact on Water Plant Efficiency & Sewage Treatment



With the acceleration of global urbanization, water shortage and pollution issues have attracted more and more attention, and countries have strengthened the construction of sewage treatment facilities. A water supply plant owned by an environmental protection company in Henan, China, uses automation systems extensively to improve water supply efficiency and quality.

Recently, in order to further improve its sewage treatment capacity, the water plant decided to introduce a batch of self-priming pumps with high lift and large flow characteristics to Chinese companies to support the automated sewage treatment system to ensure the safety of domestic water for local residents. GODO PUMPS were finally chosen as a partner.

GODO PUMPS self-priming pump on-site performance

In this sewage treatment system, the water plant needs to transfer the collected domestic sewage to the filter. The sewage often contains a large amount of fibrous media and suspended solids, and is slightly corrosive. Therefore, transferring equipment requires good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.


  • GODO PUMPS self-priming pump integrates self-priming and non-clogging sewage discharge. In the face of sewage containing large particle solids, long fiber dirt, sediment and other impurities in the entire process, GODO PUMPS self-priming pump has demonstrated excellent performance at the working site. It has strong sewage transfer capacity and stable and reliable working performance, which greatly improves the water supply efficiency and quality of the water plant.
  • In order to better support the on-site automation system, each GODO PUMPS self-priming pump is equipped with a variable frequency motor to enable sewage transfer to accurately follow the system beat, avoid equipment damage due to excessive load, and effectively improve sewage treatment efficiency.


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With its excellent sewage transfer capacity and impeccable on-site performance, GODO PUMPS self-priming pumps not only significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the sewage treatment process in water plants, but also reflect its high adaptability under complex working conditions and ensure ensure the safety of drinking water for local residents.

In the future, GODO PUMPS will continue to focus on pumping technology innovation and green development concepts, contribute more efficient and reliable solutions to sewage treatment and efficient utilization of water resources, and jointly protect the world's green water and blue sky.